Data management

We specialize in cleaning and reconciling data from different sources, hosting large databases (including HIPAA compliant hosting), designing data models ,and establishing best-class data governance practices.


Transforming data into knowledge can be made significantly easier with graphical dashboards that also include tools for you to ‘slice and dice’ so that you can directly query the dataset as you wish.  We typically build dashboards using Superset from the Apache Foundation. This open source tool saves costs for our clients and ensures that a world-wide team of developers are constantly working to add more features in a collaborative environment. We Superset doesn’t meet the needs of a project, which is rare, we can custom code visualizations using various Python libraries.

Web site hosting

Our sites are hosted on redundant, load balanced servers in secure data centers.  Wind energy credits mean our sites are carbon neutral. We specialize in using WordPress as a back-end, this platform powers 43% of the world’s websites and is open source – again helping us save our clients money while also maintaining flexibility in modifying source code.  We are are also more than happy to use other frameworks or to build things from scratch.